Types of Epoxy Flooring

With Betterseal you know that our experience means that your commercial or industrial workplace has a wide range of epoxy floors to choose from. Our extensive selection highlights our dedication to offering our clients the platform to mix and match floorings of their choice that suits in with their workplace’s decor and atmosphere.

We have always placed an emphasis on offering our clients as much information as possible regarding our products and services so they feel comfortable when they hire us. That is why we have provided you with a list of our epoxy flooring options, so you have a better idea about the choices you can make.

Here are our options:

  • Flake Flooring:
    With a range of colours to choose you from, you can mix and match to create an artistic design that suits your workplace. Coloured flakes are mixed with the epoxy flooring to create any design you want.

  • Grind and Seal Flooring:
    The simple process of grinding any concrete slab to remove any existing or fragile coating, and slowly apply a layer of epoxy over the concrete. Quick and easy.

  • Garage Flooring:
    If you want a strong durable surface that can hold up against high level foot traffic and heavy vehicles, then this is the flooring for you.

  • Safety Flooring:
    Designed for industrial and commercial floors that require markings to ensure employee safety. These markings can include lines, sections and whole areas.

  • Stylish Flooring:
    A mix of flakes, colours and shades means that regardless of what decor you would like to match in your office, warehouse or workplace, we can do it for you.

If you are ready to see our professional team create your dream epoxy floor, then contact us today. You can reach Jeremy on 0411 487 331, email us on bettaseal@gmail or fill out our contact form.